Our Upcoming Projects

Dev Salt Pvt Ltd (DSPL) is a prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of Industrial Salt, associated with this business from more than 30 years now. Dev Salt Management with a vision to be the world know player into Salt and Marine Chemicals Industry, pipeline projects which provides the best infrastructure & facilities are the steps to move ahead towards Management vision.

Salt Refinery

Proposed Capacity


Crude salt is fed into the feeding hopper and then through a belt conveyor fitted with a
magnet to remove all metal particles, Crude salt is pre-washed in a special washing system.

This is then fed to the wet mill for grinding with the use of saturated brine solution and passed
to the slurry tank fitted with a slow speed agitator.

Jetty for

Government Approved

Prefeasibility Study completed

EC clearance underway

Jetty for shipment: Captive Jetty for export of Salt only 10 Km from the salt works

Proposed Jetty will be equipped with the world class automation engineering to provide a
best suitable terminal for loading of Salt

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